Technical Requirements: None

Other requirements: None

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Fudo Dachi (informal Stance)

Strikes: Jodan Tsuki (Upper Punch), Chudan Tsuki (Middle Punch), Gedan Tsuki (Lower Punch)

Blocks: Gedan Barai (Lower Block), Jodan Uke (Upper Block)

Kicks: Hiza Geri (Knee Kick), Kin Geri (Groin Kick)

Other requirements:

Dojo Etiquette and procedure

How to wear and fold a Karate Gi (suit)

Self defence techniques against:

  • Hair Grab
  • Throat Grab

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Zenkutsu Dachi (Forward Leaning Stance)

Strikes: Jodan Gyaku Tsuki (Upper Reverse Punch), Chudan Gyaku Tsuki (Middle Reverse Punch), Gedan Gyaky Tsuki (Lower Reverse Punch)

Blocks: Chudan Uchi Uke (Middle Inside Block), Chuda Soto Uke (Middle Outside Block)

Other Requirements:

Understanding of warm up exercises and stretching routines

Understanding of the Japanese Calligraphy on our Karate Gi (suit)

 Self defence techniques against:

  • Pushing against chest
  • Throat Grab of collar or shoulder

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Sanchi Dachi (Diamond Stance)

Strikes: Uraken Shomen Uchi (Backfist to Head), Uraken Yoko Uchi (Backfist to Side), Uraken Hizo Uchi (Backfist to Spleen)

Blocks: Kaiten Uke (Round Block)

Kicks: Mae Geri (Front Kick), Hiza Kansetsu Geri (Knee Joint Kick)

Kata: Taikoyoko-Sono-Ichi (Body control movement 1), Taikoyoko-Sono-Ni (Body control movement 2)

Other requirements:

History of Karate Do

Self defence techniques against:

  • Pull from front
  • Head lock front and rear holds

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Kokotsu Dachi (Back Leaning Stance)

Strikes: Morote Tsuki (Double Punch), Ago Tsuki (Jaw Punch)

Blocks: Shuto Mawashi Uke (Knifehand Roundhouse Block)

Kicks: Yoko Geri Sokuto (Side Kick Knife Foot)

Kata: Taikoyoko-Sono-San (Body control movement 3) 

Other requirements:

Yohon Kumite (Four One Steps)

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Shiko Dachi (Sumo Stance)

Strikes: Shita Tsuki (Inverted Punch)

Blocks: Shotei Gedan Uke (Palm Heel Lower Block), Shotei Jodan Uke (Palm Heel Upper Block)

Kicks: Mawashi Geri Chudan Haisoku (Roundhouse Middle Kick with Instep), Mae Kaketo Geri (Front Heel Kick)

Kata: Pinan Ichi (Pinan 1)

Other requirements:

Go-Yon-Kumite (5 Step Fighting)

Body Tests:

  • 20 push-ups
  • 30 sit-ups

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Kiba Dachi (Straddle Stance)

Strikes: Shuto Yoko Ganmen Uchi (Knifehand to Side of Head), Shuto Sokotsu Uchi (Knifehand to Collar Bone)

Blocks: Shuto Gedan Barai (Knikehand Lower Block), Shuto Jodan Uke (Knifehand Upper Block)

Kicks: Ushiro Geri (Back Kick)

Kata: Pinan Ni (Pinan 2)

Other requirements:

Kumite: To fight in a contest situation and show an understanding of the contest rules of the world Union of Karate Organisation

Body Tests:

  • 30 push-ups
  • 50 sit-ups

Technical Requirements:

Stances: Maroachi Dachi (One Foot Forward Stance), Kake Dachi (Hook Stance)

Strikes: Hiji Ate Jodan (Elbow Strike, Upper), Hiji Ate Chudan (Elbow Strike, Middle), Hiji Ate Age (Elbow Strike, Rising)

Blocks:  Uchi Uke/Gedan Barai (Double Block)

Kicks: Kake Geri (Hook Kick)

Kata: Pinan San (Pinan 3)

Other requirements:

Kumite: To fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 and win one fight in order to gain full promotion

Body Tests: Jump over a pole 10 times whilst holding it in both hands

Technical Requirements:

Strikes: Tettsui Jodan Uchi (Hammerfist to Head), Haito Uchi Jodan (Inner Knifehand Strike Upper), Haito Uchi Chudan (Inner Knifehand Strike Middle), Haito Uchi Gedan (Inner Knifehand Strike Lower)

Blocks: Haito Uchi Uke (Inner Knifehand Block), Jodan Shuto Uchi Uke (upper Knifehand Inside Block)

Kicks: Tobi Mae Geri (Jumping Front Kick), Mawashi Geri Gedan (Low Roundhouse Kick)

Kata: Pinan Yon (Pinan 4)

Other requirements:

Kumite: To fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 and win one fight in order to gain full promotion

Body Tests:

  • 50 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups

Technical Requirements:

Strikes: Ippon Ken Uchi Jodan (One Knuckle Strike Upper), Ippon Ken Uchi Chdan (One Knuckle Strike Middle), Koken Uchi Jodan (Wrist Strike Upper), Koken Uchi Chudan (Wrist Strike Middle)

Blocks: Koken Uke Jodan (Wrist Block Upper), Koken Uke Chudan (Wrist Block Middle)

Kicks: Ushiro Mawashi Geri (Rear Roundhouse Kick), Tobi Mawashi Geri (Jumping Roundhouse Kick)

Kata: Pinan Go (Pinan 5)

Other requirements:

Complete the first five One Steps of the Seiki-Juku Karate Do

Kumite: Kenka Kumite (Semi-Contact Fighting)

Body Tests: For those over 18 years of age candidates may be required to break with Shuto or Seiken of no less than 5 concrete roofing tiles

Technical Requirements:

Strikes: Keiko Uchi (Chicken Beak Strike), Nukite Nihon (Two Finger Thrust)

Blocks: Suni Uke (Shin Blocks)

Kicks: Tobi Nidan Geri (Jumping Double Kick), Tobi Yoko Geri (Jumping Side Kick), Tobi Ushiro Geri (Jumping Back Kick)

Kata: Tsuki No Kata (Fortune and Luck), Geki Sai Dai (Fortress Attack)

Other requirements:

Seiki-Juku One Steps

Kumite: The candidate will fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 in Kenka Kumite and win 2 fights

Body Tests: The cadidate may be required to break a 1 inch wooden board with a technique selected from Chudan Tsuki, Mae Keage, Mawashi Geri, Shuto Sekotsu Uchi

Technical Requirements:

Kata: Sanchin (Three Phase Attack), Yantsu (Kata of Purity), Saifa (Rolling Wave)

Weapons: Bo Katas Ichi, Ni and San

Other requirements:

Complete the 1st 5 Seiki-Juku One Steps

Kumite: All candidates will be required to fight a minimum of 15 fights with senior grades

Body Tests: Brick and Stone Breaking

Technical Requirements:

Kata: Sei Yunchin, Tensho (Rolling Hand)

Weapons: Sai Katas Ichi and Ni

Other requirements:

Seiki-Juku One Steps

Kumite: All candidates will be required to fight 20 fights with their equals and senior wherever possible

Body Tests: Demonstration of unsupported breaks on wood, concrete and tiles