Things to remember before attending the karate course:

  1. To grade you must have completed the minimum number of sessions and be confident that you know the technical requirements in the syllabus. If you are in any doubt about your ability to grade, please speak to your Sensei.
  2. Students MUST hold a valid UKSKO licence which you will need to take along to your grading. You will not be allowed to grade without this. To apply or renew your licence please click here. Once you register for your licence a small blue grading book will be issued and this must be kept safe and brought along to every grading.

  3. Please turn up for the grading at least 30 minutes before to give you enough time to warm up.

  4. All students should wear an Association Gi (suit) with the Association calligraphy on the chest area. To purchase a Gi please ask your Sensei.

  5. Your Gi should be clean and neatly pressed.

  6. Female students should wear a white T-shirt under their Gi. Male students should be bare chested.

  7. All jewellery should be removed or taped over.

  8. If you are attempting a grade from orange to green/white stripe or above, you will need your fighting equipment.

  9. All students will be notified of their grading result by their Sensei. This is usually within 1-2 weeks at their club.